Natural slate stones

Natural slate stones are sedimentary rocks known for porosity & hardnesss and are composed of small grains of quartz and feldspar. Natural slate stones are often used as building stones. The natural red slate stones are extremely hard and tough material and consist of consolidated masses of sand deposited by moving water or by wind. The various colors of rocks are largely determined by the cementing material the iron oxides produce red or reddish-brown slate stones and the other materials produce natural Natural slate stones in white, grayish or yellowish Natural slate stones.

Slate Colour

California Gold
A spectacular piece that is adorned with warm shades of ravishing gold

Classic shades of slate to accentuate the hardness and longevity

A quiet shade with gentle texture and smooth to touch appearance

Autumn Rustic
Gentle texture combined with olive accents to complement a warm setting

Jack Black
Own a flawless piece to get the dual benefit of sound and sturdy construction

M Green Rustic
A textured slate with flecks of tan shades giving it the perfect inviting look

N Green
A classic stone with leathered look and pleasing green flush

Multi Color
Remarkably strong stone with multicolored flecks is a best buy piece

Yet another weather resistant stone with inviting shade and clefts

Raja Red
A wonderful stone with captivating texture and multicolored diagonal shades

Red Chocolate
Renowned for enhancing the rugged look, a stone with timeless aura

SRA Multi
High in demand for its leathered finish and linear patterns throughouts

Tera Red
Featuring indispensable beauty with its captivating crimson flush

M Green
Get this tropical green shade to add delicacy to any application